Olis Solé Vinegar


This vinegar is produced from the Tarragona Cabernet Sauvignon vines, using the 150 year-old traditional Shützenbach method. After a slow careful process, the best characteristics of the original wine and its vinegar are revealed.

It is a traditional vinegar, which together with the olive oil, is an essential part of the Mediterranean culture.


It is a dense full-bodied, scarlet vinegar with an aromatic background and the sweet-fruity shades typical of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape.


Pure, simple and elegant, this olive oil is obtained from a selection of Arbequina olives, which are typical from the Tarragona region and the Catalan variety par excellence.

A low temperature extraction process keeps its aromas and taste. It is simply the essence of the Arbequina, shiny olive oil, clean and lively.


Medium-intense, fruity olive, with scents of ripe tomato, apple, banana and almond.

Well-balanced and sweet, with a bitter-pungent finishing touch.