BARCELONA DELI is New Zealand’s leading expert in Spanish Cuisine. We live and breathe it.

We are a Spanish-Kiwi family who has been supplying the highest quality Spanish products to New Zealand's top hotels, restaurants and bars for over 15 years.

Joan Farràs, the founder, settled in New Zealand 40 years ago after making the journey from his home town in, Catalonia. Joan started Iberian Foods in 2004 and became the first importer of Spanish cured meats to New Zealand.

Amèlia, Joan's daughter, has now established Barcelona Deli, to give everyone access to these fine Spanish delights.

For centuries, jamón and chorizo have been a staple food of the Spanish people. Although not yet widely available in New Zealand, Barcelona Deli is committed to bringing you the taste of Spain.

The central Iberian peninsula has extreme temperatures and a very low average humidity, the ideal conditions to cure meats. These conditions are unique to Spain and do not occur in other ham producing countries, such as Italy (prosciutto) and France (bayonne) hence the marked difference in taste and aspect.



We stock three broad categories of cured meats: 

Bellota jamón comes from native Spanish Ibérico pigs fed with acorns. The sweet, nutty flavour of the acorns (bellota in Spanish) is transferred into the fat which is what gives its unique flavour and unmatched quality. Bellota is the highest quality ham in the world, 100% organic and free range with a curing time ranging from 36 months to 60 months.

Cebo jamón comes from pigs which are a crossbreed of the Spanish native Ibérico pigs and the North American Duroc pig, the only authorised breed to do this with. They are fed pasture and animal feed as well as acorns. This controlled feeding allows consistency in quality. They are also semi free range and cured for a minimum of 24 months. 

Serrano jamón comes from the more common pink pig as well as the Duroc pig. They are fed with regular grain feed. Serrano is the standard jamón found in the majority of Spanish households and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Serrano Consortium requires curing of a minimum of 12 months. Barcelona Deli stocks Serrano jamón cured for 15, 18 and 24 months.

Life is for sharing with the ones you love. Bring the taste of Spain to your next occasion.