Your order will be delivered in recyclable packaging that will ensure the products arrive to you chilled, but remember to serve these Spanish delicacies at room temperature to get the best flavour! 

Our Packaging – what you can recycle

WoolCool is a natural, sustainable and superior insulator made out of sheep’s wool. The WoolCool we use is 100% compostable and biodegradable. You can add it in your garden or compost as the WoolCool will release valuable nitrates back into the soil!

WoolCool is specifically designed for direct delivery of chilled and frozen foods such as meat, fish, cheese, fresh fruit and veg. WoolCool has been trialled and tested to keep products in the cool temperature range to ensure deliveries always arrive in top condition for our customers. You can read more about WoolCool here.

Cardboard Boxes
The cardboard box - once flattened - can be left for your fortnightly kerbside recycling collection.

Ice Packs
We encourage you to reuse the ice packs (for picnics, filling summer chilly bins or even sports injuries etc) or dispose of the non-toxic gel and place the plastic bag in your local soft plastic recycling. You could even donate these to a local foodbank.